Mission Statement

Mission Statement


It is the mission of the Agency Public Library to provide our patrons with access to a wide range of

services and information in a variety of formats including both print and technology, in order to

promote lifelong learning and to meet recreational needs.


Vision Statement

The Agency Public Library wants to establish an image of family entertainment; information and

knowledge, encouragement to all ages to use not only our material but also our equipment and space to

bring all age groups together to create a more hospitable atmosphere in our community.


Goals and Objectives

We want to maintain a good collection of up to date fiction, but do not want to lose the classics. We

will be diverse in our selection of fiction to try and meet more interest of our patrons. In non-fiction

we will try to explore some new areas, but keeping in mind the almost exclusive use of the internet to

access most of this material. In the children’s section we will continue to increase our holdings of

award winning books, series of books that patrons continue to be interested in and add children’s audio

books to compliment the books themselves. We will use interlibrary loan more to help offset the areas

we are lacking.